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    3 Compartment Floor Boxes & Accessories

    What is a 3 Compartment Floor Box?

    3-compartment floor boxes are a very popular choice of floor box. They are designed with separate compartments to house different components. They are an ideal choice in commercial environments and provide a fast fitted solution and easy access to power sockets and data. These 3 compartment floor boxes are usually made from steel, they are typically supplied empty, and can accept a host of wiring devices such as data sockets, single sockets or twin sockets, or any others, dependent upon your application.

    Feature of a 3 Compartment Floor Box

    • Easy and simple to fit
    • Perfect for open plan spaces
    • Power sockets and data are easily accessible
    • Different components
    • Floor box lid provides easy access
    • Different dimensions available
    • Host of accessories to compliment the floor box

    We offer a range of quality 3 compartment floor boxes and accessories, all from our reputable suppliers. Ideal for all your electrical requirements.

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