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    Floor Boxes & Accessories

    What are Floor Boxes?

    Floor boxes and floor box accessories are designed to house buried, underfloor cables and wires and electrical equipment safely and securely. We offer ranges from leading brands, the Legrand floor box, MK floor box and Schneider Electric floor box.

    Benefits of Floor Boxes and Floor Box Accessories

    Usually, the electrical cables in a building are run through the ceiling or the floor and are terminated at a wall outlet. However, raised floors provide another termination option through an electrical floor box. Floor boxes allow you to access power and data easily via a raised floor solution. This can be advantageous for use in offices or other places of work because you have instant access to power whenever required, and cables and equipment are also easily accessible to installers and electricians.

    Types of Floor Boxes

    • 3 compartment floor box – with different compartments, for fitting different outlet plates.
    • Cavity floor grommets – circular floor boxes. These allow power, data, and flexible conduit to pass safely through raised access floor.

    Floor Box Accessories

    • Outlet plates – power sockets designed to fit in recessed floor boxes
    • Floor Box Lids and Trims – for easily accessing the power inside. Look out for carpet trim versions
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