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    Cable Storage

    Looking for a way to organise, manage and store your cables effectively? Well, you have come to the right place. Here, at RS we offer a great selection of cable storage and cable management solutions helping to keep your cables and wires, neat, tidy, and safely stored away. Cable storage is essential for anyone working with multiple reels of cable. Not only do they provide easy access, but they also prevent damage from twisting and kinking.

    What are the different types of cable storage?

    Empty Cable Reels and Cable Reel HoldersThese are ideal for storing and transporting long lengths of cable. They protect the cable by preventing kinking, twisting, and knotting, and they allow you to easily unravel the cable for use. Cable reels often feature a handle, making them portable and easy to carry. They may also feature plug sockets or a compartment for protecting connectors.Heavy Duty Cable RacksAre designed to be stacked to give optimum storage for your cables. They feature fully adjustable height position hanging rods and a simple assembly design. Cable racks are great for holding multiple types of cable in electronics applications.Bench Top Cable DispensersAre ideal for areas where space is limited. They are perfect for keeping workstations tidy and free from clutter.

    Where would I use a cable management system?

    As we mentioned before if your daily job involves handling a large number of cable reels its worth investing in a suitable storage solution. Whether you work in an industrial environment, in an electronics lab or even just as a hobby cable reel holders and dispensers are a must. Some of the most common areas areWorkshopsGaragesFactoriesMusic studiosOutdoor cable installers

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