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    HellermannTyton Cable Sleeves

    So, you've got everything set up and you're ready to go. System built; cables attached – it's time to see all your hard work pay off. That is, assuming you've including cable wraps as part of the build. Without them you're missing not just one of the most important aspects of cable management, but also one of the easiest ways to protect your hard work and investment from downtime in the future.

    Of course, a wire sleeve can help with identification, but they also play a part in:

    • Reducing accidental disconnection
    • Extending cable lifespan
    • Preventing tampering and interference
    • Increasing overall safety
    • Improving cable flexibility
    • Standardising aesthetics
    • Minimising risk of fire and electric shock

    Cable sleeves are a relatively inexpensive way of achieving all of this and are an essential step in your cable management plans. With a wide range of options such as material and colour, HellermannTyton have a solution to suit all locations and applications.

    Why choose HellermannTyton Cable Wraps and Sleeves?

    HellermannTyton's very first product in the 1930s was binding to prevent damage to cable sheaths. Since then, they have worked tirelessly using cutting edge materials and technologies to provide cable sleeves that work to meet their customer's demands.

    As well as providing solutions that work for all applications, they specialise in sectors that require additional technical expertise such as transport, solar & wind energy, food & beverage and telecommunications.

    Cable Sleeve Materials

    Cable sleeves work universally to protect, identify and tidy your cables; however, the material you choose can play a big part in exactly where, when and how you use them.

    PET Polyester Cable Braiding

    Polyester braided sleeving is available in a selection if widths and lengths suitable for most applications. The woven construction allows it to be installed quickly and easily and it's ideal for bundling cables and protecting joins. It's often used for small electrical appliances to avoid pockets of high temperature.

    PVC Cable Sheathing

    Possibly what most people think if when they consider cable sleeves, this is a great all-rounder. Manufactured using commercial grade PVC, these sleeves are self-extinguishing and have a wide operating temperature. They are available in a choice of sizes and colours so can be used for identification purposes too. You'll find these everywhere, but they are particularly suited to the automotive and domestic sectors.

    Application-Based Materials

    Fibreglass Braided Cable Sleeves

    Impregnated with silicone, fibreglass sleeves are perfect for domestic appliances, lighting and other high temperature uses. They also offer electrical insulation so are suitable for motors, transformers and electrical connections.

    Chloroprene Cable Management Sleeves

    Chloroprene is wonderfully stretchy meaning one size can cover cables of varying widths. It also resists oils, fuel and acids so is perfect in industrial settings such as manufacturing plants. On top of this it is resistant to moisture, ozone and UV rays - making it a great choice for use outdoors. It's often used in defence, mass transit and aerospace settings. It's recommended it's fitted using lubricant and a three-pronged fitting tool.

    Other Wire Sleeve Materials

    HellermannTyton also produce cable sleeving using:

    • Polyamide (PA) suitable for protecting hydraulic hosing
    • Non-flammable Polyaramid (NOMEX) suitable for military and transport uses
    • Tin-plated copper suitable for sensitive electronic equipment
    • Metal-detectable Polypropylene suitable for the food and pharmaceutical industries
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