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    PTC Thermistor

    PTC Thermistors are used in a wide range of industrial and commercial applications. PTC Thermistors are one of the most common types of Thermistors used in industry today. They are a popular choice as they last longer, function better, and are incredibly accurate.

    RS offer an extensive selection of high-quality PTC Thermistors from industry-leading brands including Carel, Electrotherm, Eliwell, EPCOS, Hanna Instruments.

    How does a PTC Thermistor work?

    PTC stands for "Positive Temperature Coefficient" which means that the resistance increases with rising temperatures. This effect can be used to protect circuits or devices against overcurrents. PTC Thermistors are effective for this cause as the overcurrent brings the PTC Thermistor to a high temperature, thus a high resistance occurs which then limits the overcurrent. When the source for the overcurrent is removed, the PTC Thermistor will cool down to function once again as a semiconductor. Applications for PTC Thermistors include

    • Self-Regulating Heaters
    • Overcurrent Protection
    • Motor Starters
    • Liquid Level Sensors
    • Time Delay

    PTC Thermistors possess some key features including

    • Extremely long life
    • High efficiency
    • Low power requirements
    • Easy to install and maintain
    • Safe and convenient

    Browse the broad range of PTC Thermistors RS have to offer and order today for next day delivery

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