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    Strain Gauges

    What is a Strain Gauge?

    A strain gauge is a type of sensor which measures the strain and force on an item in which the resistance varies depending on the applied force. The gauge is applied to an item and deforms as the electrical resistance changes, this particular change is also known as the 'gauge factor'. You can learn more in our complete guide to strain gauges.

    How do Strain Gauges work?

    Strain Gauges measure the strain or force of an item by uniquely converting either force, pressure, tension and weight into a change in electrical resistance which then can be measured. This is made possible by the Strain Gauge changing shape with the material it is measuring, as the material will change shape when a force or load is imposed upon it.

    There are many different varieties of strain gauges, the most popular are listed below:

    • General Purpose Precision Strain Gauges
    • Transducer Quality Strain Gauges
    • Karma Strain Gauges
    • Bonded Foil Strain Gauges

    What are Load Cells?

    Load cells, also called load cell transducers, are vital components in most industrial weighing systems on processes. Load Cells essentially measure weight in the form of directional force, typically via a combination of spring elements and strain gauges which converts the weight measurement into an electrical output.

    More can be found in our guide to load cells.

    Features and Benefits

    • Can be used on various products, such as keypads, medical devices and automotive products,
    • Affixed to an object with epoxy or glue,
    • Suitable for long-term installation
    • Easy to install and often waterproof too

    Applications of Strain Gauges and Load Cells

    • Automotive, marine and aerospace design
    • Building and architecture, including bridge, weighbridges and tunnel construction
    • Industrial engineering and weighing
    • Torque measurement in motors, turbines, engines, fans, generators, wheels, and propellers
    • Experimental stress analysis

    Browse the broad range of Strain Gauges RS have to offer and order today for next day delivery.

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