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    Omron Proximity Sensors

    Proximity sensors (sometimes shortened to 'Prox Sensors') might be the ultimate "does what it says on the tin" component. In the simplest sense, they detect the proximity of an object and cause a reaction to any change. But it does of course go deeper than that. For a start, they can detect not just the proximity but also the presence or absence of media and any changes of this. They also provide high-speed detection thanks to their non-contact properties. Different types of proximity sensor can detect metallic and non-metallic objects including water, resin and powders.

    With a very wide operating temperature of -50°C to 100°C they can be used for a variety of applications including:

    • Industrial manufacturing
    • Robotics
    • Security systems
    • Mobile devices
    • Automation systems

    They are often employed to increase safety, accuracy and efficiency in agriculture, food processing and supply chain industries, but can be employed anywhere these factors are of importance.

    Why Choose OMRON Proximity Devices?

    Because they are "non-contact" components, proximity sensors are known for their prolonged lifespan. When purchasing a part that you want to be reliable over an extended period of time it's important to be using the very best. OMRON are a leading global manufacturer of electrical components and specialise in bringing innovation to industrial automation. Since 1933, they have been one of the names to trust in technology.

    OMRON Proximity Detector Ranges

    E2E-Next Proximity Sensors

    The E2E-Next sensor range is the future of inductive sensors - available today! They have been thoroughly tested and are proven to offer exceptional sensing range. This means you can standardise installation of sensors without having to worry about collision or false detection stopping or slowing your systems. 3 wire models feature Thermal Distance Control 2 which eliminates ambient temperature influence. With a host of other features, these compact sensors are at home in a variety of locations.

    E2K Flat Proximity Devices

    These flat capacitive sensors are ideal when space is tight. E2K sensors can be used to detect a wide range of objects and are perfect for level detection and monitoring. Handily, they can also be directly mounted onto a metallic surface.

    E2A Barrel Style Proximity Detection Sensors

    The E2A range has an option to suit all applications. Shielded and non-shielded variants are available in a choice of body materials, cables and connections. Options with sensing ranges from 2-30mm can be supplied. These sensors use a specialised manufacturing process to ensure high-quality output and a long life.

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