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    IFM Proximity Sensors

    IFM specialise in manufacturing sensors and control systems for industrial applications. IFM sensors are used in a wide range of industrial applications to detect the presence or the absence of an object without the need for physical contact.

    Why choose an IFM Proximity Sensor?

    IFM are renown for their high quality and their reputable, versatile products. They offer a wide range of proximity sensors, designed, and manufactured to withstand harsh environments, without compromising their consistently accurate performance.

    Where are IFM Proxy Sensors used?

    IFM proximity sensors are used in manufacturing, automotive, picking and packing as well as across other industrial areas, they are specifically used for tasks such as position sensing, object detection, level sensing and counting.

    What are the advantages of choosing an IFM Proximity Sensor?

    • High quality and reliable sensors, improving efficiency and safety within processes.
    • IFM proximity sensors are equipped with the latest technology making them flexible and customised to meet specific requirements.
    • These sensors are designed and manufactured to withstand being used in harsh industrial environments.
    • Easy to integrate into existing industrial automated systems.
    • Accurate performance and efficiencies.
    • Wide range of options depending upon your specific application.
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