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    Honeywell Pressure Sensors

    For fast, accurate pressure readings choose from our comprehensive range of dependable Honeywell pressure sensors here at RS Components.

    What is a pressure sensor and how does it work?

    As its name suggests, a pressure sensor is a device which is used to monitor and detect the applied pressure of gases or liquids. They work by detecting changes in pressure, which then causes a physical reaction in the sensing element of the device. This output is then translated into an electrical signal. Two commonly used main types are pneumatic sensors, which are used with air and gas applications, and hydraulic, which are used with water and fluids.

    They can be used for a broad range of pressure measuring purposes in industrial or scientific areas such as checking the applied pressure of mediums in tanks and systems, monitoring liquid levels, tracking pressure changes between separate locations.

    The 24PC/26PC series models by Honeywell are miniature SMT (surface mount technology) low-pressure sensors which are ideal for use with wet or wet differential sensing. Due to their compact size they are a great space saving solution for your installation. These devices use a specialised piezo-resistive micro-machined sensing element, ensuring high performance and accuracy. They are are designed to measure ±1 to ±15 psi (over an operating temperature range of -40 to 85 ºC) .

    The PX3 series heavy duty pressure transducers use piezoresistive sensing technology with ASIC (Application Specific Integrated Circuit) signal conditioning. These devices feature a rapid response time of less than 2 ms. They also offer environmental protection up to IP67 for high resistance against water/particle ingress and are perfect for use in challenging industrial installations. They use tough brass housing which is corrosion resistant, for optimal longevity.

    Honeywell sensing technology and solutions are designed to handle a variety of simple and complex applications, with components made for increased safety, superior performance, and longer productivity. Browse the portfolio today to find the most efficient sensor for your system requirements.

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