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    Norgren Pressure Sensors

    Here at RS we have a great range of pressure sensors from IMI Norgren to choose from.

    Their offer includes the 34D electronic pressure sensors, which are ideal for installations where a mechanical switch is not suitable. They feature digital displays and LED indicators which provide high visibility, and robust housings to endure aggressive environments. Models with IO-Link also offer simple remote set-up capabilities and access to application performance data, ensuring optimal system monitoring. Norgren 34D pressure sensors have a ceramic capacitive measuring cell which provides high over pressure capability. They also feature an upper body which can be rotated through 345 degrees, making installation easy. With a wide operating temperature range of -25°C to 80°C, you can depend on the 34D sensors for many applications. These units also have shock and vibration resistant properties and ingress protection up to IP67, making them a durable choice.

    What is a pressure sensor?

    A pressure sensor is a device which is used to automatically monitor pressure levels in a pneumatic system, or even in fluid applications which require more complex monitoring.

    Where are they used?

    Pressure sensors are often used in industries such as: medical, automotive, aviation, and marine.

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