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    Honeywell Hall Effect Sensors

    Honeywell Hall Effect Sensors are precison engineered to aid customers in a number of industries that require proximity sensing, positioning, speed detection and current sensing applications.

    The versatile, high functioning Hall Effect devices by Honeywell provide the perfect solution to detecting magnetic fields and are used in a number of devices including computer keyboards, fuel gauges, engine ignition timing, anti-lock braking systems and tachometers.

    What are the advantages of Honeywell Hall Effect Sensors?

    Honeywell Hall Effect Sensors are capable of measuring a wide range of magnetic fields and when used as electronic switches, they are less prone to mechanical failure due to the absence of wear on physical parts. Due to this longevity and reliability, Honeywell Hall Effect Sensors suit customers were reliable, contactless sensing is desired such as applications in measurement and switching.

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