Hall Effect Sensors

Due to their ability to sense electromagnetic fields, hall effect sensor have a variety of uses in electronics and machinery applications. They are often used in conjunction with external magnets to trigger a number of desired outcomes, such as proximity sensing and as position sensors. They are found in a number of devices such as computer keyboards and fuel gauges in automobiles. Hall effect devices are used in many industries where reliable, contactless sensing is desired, with countless applications in measurement and switching.

How do Hall Effect Sensors Work?

Often referred to as hall sensors, these sensors are commonly used in switches. As the sensors are activated by external magnetic fields, they rely on the hall effect to trigger switches rather than relying on contacts physically touching. Contactless switching leads to reliable, quick-acting and very long-lasting operation, and so hall effect switches are often used in challenging industries.

There are 2 different types of hall effect sensors, linear output sensors (or analogue) and digital output sensors. Linear sensors use a continuous voltage output that increases or decreases dependent on the magnetic pull from the magnetic field. Digital output has a bistable current that increases or decreases the output when the voltage rises and falls to different levels.

The RS Components range of Hall Effect Sensors includes bipolar and unipolar sensors of varying ranges and output types, from trusted brands such as Honeywell, Cherry, TE Connectivity and our own RS PRO brand.

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Description Price Output Type Body Style Mounting Style Supply Voltage Terminal Type Maximum DC Voltage Detection Range Switching Current Switching Frequency Length Width Depth Dimensions Housing Material
RS Stock No. 527-8573
Mfr. Part No.MK5101
- Barrel Snap On 10 → 30 V dc Wire Lead - - - >10 kHz 25.3mm 5mm 6.5mm 25.3 x 5 x 6.5 mm Polyamide
RS Stock No. 123-8747
Mfr. Part No.JN2201
NPN, PNP Block Surface Mount 9.2 → 30 V dc M12 Connector 30V - 125 mA - 62mm 90mm 33.2mm 62 x 90 x 33.2 mm Die Cast Zinc
RS Stock No. 123-8750
Mfr. Part No.MX5050
PNP Barrel Cable Mount 10 → 30 V dc M12 Connector 30V 1.7 mm 50 mA 15 kHz - 15 (Dia.)mm 60mm 15 (Dia.) x 60 mm Brass (Socket), FPM (O-Ring), Polyamide
RS Stock No. 123-8746
Mfr. Part No.JN2200
NPN, PNP Block Surface Mount 9.2 → 30 V dc M12 Connector 30V - 125 mA - 62mm 90mm 33.2mm 62 x 90 x 33.2 mm Die Cast Zinc
RS Stock No. 123-8748
Mfr. Part No.MX5015
NPN Barrel Cable Mount 7 → 30 V dc Wire Lead 30V 1.7 mm 50 mA 15 kHz - 15 (Dia.)mm 49.5mm 15 (Dia.) x 49.5 mm Brass (Socket), FPM (O-Ring), Polyamide