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    Honeywell Flow Sensors

    Honeywell flow sensors are a cutting edge technology that can accurately and effectively measure the flow of air and non-corrosive gases. Honeywell Flow sensors offer customers a variety of different flow sensors with varying features such as a wide supply voltage range from 3V-15V and operating temperatures ranging from -25C to +85C.

    How do Honeywell Flow Sensors work?

    Honeywell Flow Sensors are available as time measuring units that measure flow rates over a certain amount of time or totalising flow meters that continually measure the medium passed through for customers with different application methods. They both consist of a primary detection device, transducer and transmitter. The transducer senses the fluid that passes through the device and the transmitter then produces an output signal.

    Honeywell Flow Sensors can benefit customers in a number of industries such as:

    • Medical
    • Water Treatment
    • Cooling Systems
    • Industrial Washing Systems
    • Irrigation
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