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    Phoenix Contact PLCs - Programmable Logic Controllers| RS

    What is a PLC?

    A Programme Logic Controller (PLC) is a digital industrial computer used to monitor input, output, and robotic devices as well as monitoring automatic processes whilst making decisions of the control of output items. A PLC is used to ensure that fault diagnosis, reliability and programming is up to standards. A PLC reacts to a programming software to give the desired output and they can be enhanced by adding DIN Rails, and HMI Displays. Please look at our PLC Accessories selection!

    Part of a Programme Logic Controller is formed by a Central Processing Unit (CPU) which circulates electricity within the computer, it is made up of a microprocessor system and programme basic numerical, logical operations.

    PLCs have various applications used across many different industries and are included in the machinery used in Lifts and Escalators, Heating Systems, Medical devices, traffic light controls and many more. Please browse our Phoenix Contact Programme Logic Controllers featuring Hard PLCs, Soft PLCs, Modular PLCs, Unitary PLCs, Slot PLCs and Company PLCs- available for next day delivery!

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