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    RS PRO HMI Displays

    RS PRO offer a range of HMI displays designed to offer a user-friendly real-time display solution whilst maximising functionality. The RS PRO HMI displays can be used as either panel mounted or stand-alone to suit a wide range of automation and control applications.

    What is a HMI Display?

    HMI stands for Human Machine Interfaces, a HMI Display is an interface designed to streamline the use of industrial machinery by connecting a user to a system or device, making control, monitoring and automation simple.

    Why choose RS PRO HMI displays?

    RS PRO brings you a fantastic range of cost-effective HMI touchscreen displays, with up to 10.2-inch screen size, ethernet and USB interface options and up to 5 communication ports, you can ensure you have the HMI solution for your needs. Our RS PRO HMIs are IP65 rated and have TFT LCD displays that provide brilliant high-resolution graphics. Featuring quick boot-times, fluent touch-screens, excellent communication stability and easy selection options, HMI screens from RS PRO ensure a clear and high-performance HMI system.

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