Solid State Contactors

A contactor or relay is a switch, which is controlled electrically using a high current rating to change between alternative power circuits. Solid state contactors open up or close off an electrical circuit as a result of an external signal received by the component. These contactors allow for low power input for the switching of higher current loads but with minimal supply current required. Solid state contactors offer high shock and vibration resistance features.

What are solid state contactors used for?
Solid state contactors are useful in controlling motion, including for conveyor systems, valves, elevators, lifts and hoists. They're typical in industries where heat control is required: in professional food equipment and plastic moulding or extrusion machinery and soldering devices. Solid state contactors also facilitate power load control in power supplies, regulators, inverters and converters.

Types of solid state contactors
Solid state contactors are available as three phase or single phase devices. Single phase contactors switch one phase AC or DC power loads and three phase devices switch up to three AC and DC power loads in machinery. Reverse phase contactors perform the opposite function and are necessary for protecting motor overloads.

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