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    Schneider Electric Auxiliary Contacts

    Ensure dependable secondary switching for any application with our selection of auxiliary contacts from Schneider Electric.

    Auxiliary contacts are used alongside switching devices such as contactors, relays, circuit breakers, and switches to provide additional switching capabilities. These components can be physically connected and work simultaneously, changing state at the same time as the main contacts. The contacts can be either NC (Normally Closed) or NO (Normally Open).

    The Acti9 range of electrical auxiliaries from Schneider Electric ensure tripping or remote position indication functions of devices when an electrical fault occurs. They are designed to be used even in demanding environments, giving you excellent reliability and reducing downtime. The VisiSafe feature provides a green strip to indicate that the circuit is safe.

    The TeSys range of auxiliary contacts are conveniently compact, lightweight, and easy to install, helping to save you time and panel space. The TeSys range of motor starter solutions are also designed to be highly energy-efficient, reducing energy consumption by up to 75%. To ensure long service life TeSys units have high mechanical durability, and come with a wide selection of options to suit your motor control requirements.

    As the global specialist in energy management Schneider Electric strongly believe in empowering people to make the most of energy and resources. Prioritising sustainability is at the heart of their business, and they are ranked as the world’s most sustainable company for 2021 by the Corporate Knights Global 100 Index. With Schneider Electric you can trust in their ability to create innovative and eco-friendly solutions that will deliver the performance you need.

    Choose from our range of Schneider Electric auxiliary contacts today for a safe and efficient switching solution!

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