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    ABB Auxiliary Contacts

    ABB auxiliary contacts are electromechanical devices that can be used in conjunction with switching equipment, such as circuit breakers and contactors. In partnership with RS, ABB bring to you a comprehensive, high-quality, and reliable range of auxiliary contacts. The range encompasses a variety of auxiliary contacts that act as secondary switching devices. They can be physically connected to the primary switching device, in order to work at the same time and control the main device to connect/disconnect a circuit.

    How do ABB auxiliary contacts work?

    ABB auxiliary contacts, also known as auxiliary contactors, work by controlling another (usually larger) switch. The auxiliary contact is constructed with a coil that has high-power contacts inside and low current contacts on either end. An auxiliary contactor is constructed like a standard contactor, but rather than switching loads, it has a control function that can activate or deactivate a circuit. They are often used in conjunction with load contactors, that act as the main contact. Load contactors can generally handle loads of around 600 A, whereas auxiliary contactors are lower power relays and can be installed to control the main device, i.e., the load contactor.

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