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    Fire Bells

    Fire bells and fire alarm sounders are electronic audible warning devices used to alert people in the event of a fire. They are safety-critical signalling devices designed to give you an early warning when there is a fire in a building. Fire bells are often used in a system along with smoke detectors and fire alarm panels. Fire bells, sounders, and sirens all produce very distinctive sounds that are unlikely to be confused with any other type of sounder.

    RS offer a range of high-quality industrial bells and sounders from industry-leading brands such as Eaton Fulleon, Klaxon, and of course RS PRO

    Features and Benefits

    • Low current consumption
    • Universally recognisable tone
    • Easy to install and maintain
    • Choice of gong sizes (6in and 8in)
    • Available in Red and Grey
    • Metal gongs with polycarbonate bases
    • 12 V dc, 24 V dc, or 230 V ac voltages
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