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    High Visibility Tapes

    High visibility tape is a form of adhesive which may have light reflective or fluorescent properties, designed to improve safety and increase visibility across a range of environments. The tape can come in a variety of materials, often cloth or fabric when the adhesive needs to be durable, or waterproof materials when used for marking ocean equipment.

    Types of High Visibility Tape

    Fluorescent Tape - Available in various widths and colours, commonly yellow, fluorescent tapes can be used to highlight trip hazards, low ceilings and other hazards. Fluorescent tapes can also be found in slip resistant form for use in walkways and on stairs to highlight steps as well as give additional grip for potentially wet areas.

    Reflective Tape - Reflective tapes are strips of adhesive material which have light reflective properties. They have been designed to reduce accidents and save lives. Used in the correct way they can improve safety and increase visibility in the workplace which leads to less downtime due to fewer accidents.

    When should I use high visibility tape

    There are a variety of applications and uses for high visibility tapes. Outdoor uses include making bollards and fences more visible, and on workwear to improve safety for workers. The high-vis tape is often anti-slip, so that it can be safely applied to stairwells and walkways.

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