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    Hi-Bond Foam Tapes

    Foam tapes can be used in many applications such as gaskets, bonding, sealing, weather stripping, thermal insulation, and vibration dampening. Hi-Bond Foam tapes are mostly used in industries such as automotive, aerospace, construction, general industry, and transportation.

    Double Sided Tapes

    These have adhesive applied to both sides of the foam. Mostly used for mounting applications, but also perfect in many other applications. They allow two different surfaces to expand at different rates but stay bonded as they flex in the temperature conditions.

    Hi-Bond Foam Tapes feature

    VST Acrylic Foam tape

    High quality VST® range of high-performance double-sided structural bonding tapes.

    Hi-Porseal Foam tape

    Special nano-cell Polyurethane® Foams with outstanding properties for cushioning, sealing, bonding and black-out applications.

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