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    Foam Tapes

    Foam Tapes are available as single sided foam tape or double sided foam tape. Applications include gaskets, bonding, sealing and thermal insulation. You can find more information in our foam tape guide.

    What is Foam Tape?

    Foam tapes have a variety of applications including shock absorption, vibration, and sound dampening. The foam tape series include acrylic VHB series, VST, ATG and HB these high-performing adhesive foam tapes are supplied in various thickness sizes.

    Foam Tape Types

    Single Sided Foam Tapes - With only one side of the tape having adhesive, this tape works great for gaskets and protective packaging. It works on uneven surfaces and will expand or reduce in size to ensure the gap is filled.

    Double Sided Foam Tapes - Adhesive is applied on both sides of the foam. Mainly used for mounting applications also thermal insulation, fastening and gap filling. The expanding foam tape means two different surfaces expand at different rates but stay bonded as they flex in the temperature conditions.

    Foam Material Types include:

    • Acrylic foam
    • Silicone foam
    • EPDM foam
    • PVC foam
    • Polyethylene Foam (PE foam)
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