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    Adhesive Sealants

    Adhesive sealants, also known as hybrid sealants or combined sealants, offer an innovative solution to sealing, with the flexibility and elasticity of a sealant and the high strength and durability of an adhesive. This makes them a perfect adhesive for gap filling and general-purpose adhesion between two surfaces. The sealants and adhesives once dried can be painted over and are weatherproof, making them ideal for a variety of bonding and sealing applications.

    What are the benefits of adhesive sealants?

    Combined adhesives and sealants are versatile as they combine silicone and polyurethane sealant to create a multipurpose sealant that can bond with a range of materials, such as concrete, wood, metal and plastic. In general, adhesive sealants benefit from low odour, a large temperature range and good movement capability. They offer a good initial grab rate, which gives them more flexibility, whilst also being very resilient. The adhesives are UV stable, and do not yellow or degrade.

    Applications and Uses

    The new adhesive technologies of a hybrid adhesive can bond with a wide range of substances and materials, making them useful in both interior and exterior applications. They come in a variety of colours, sometime clear, and can also be painted over. Relevant applications may include glazing and windows, flooring, and as a gap filler.

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