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    Pipe Sealants

    Pipe sealants are types of adhesives predominately used in plumbing applications to connect pipes and other threaded connections. Pipe sealants are manufactured to create a secure connection via a permanent seal bridging the space between two connecting components.

    Pipe sealant are also applied onto the inside of connection fittings and onto the threaded end of pipes before attaching the two pieces together. Once set they prevent water and gas leakage. Our offer includes various compound forms, they include Gel, Paste and Liquid.

    Popular types of sealants

    There are a range of popular sealants such as;

    • Pipe Sealants
    • Gaskets Sealants
    • Thread Sealants
    • Pipe Sealant Cord
    • Leak Sealers
    • Adhesive Patch Kits

    Features and Benefits

    • Single component means quick and easy to apply
    • No mixing required
    • Prevents and stops leakages
    • Gives corrosion protection for the thread
    • Use on any size pipe fitting and seal
    • Fills space threaded metal parts
    • Provides a greater seal than pipe sealing tape


    Pipe Sealants have a wide range of industrial application such as;

    • Plumbing
    • Maintenance
    • Repair
    • DIY
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