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    Glue Sticks

    Glue sticks are sticks of adhesive glue, they are sometimes referred to as """"Hot Melt Glues"""" or """"Hot Melt Adhesives""""(HMAs). These type of glue sticks are a thermoplastic substance and are predominantly used for bonding purposes.

    The glue sticks are cylindrical in shape and are usually clear in colour. They are commonly used to be inserted into the cavity of a hot melt glue gun, the heating element inside the glue gun will melt the glue before it is then dispensed from the nozzle.

    What are Glue Sticks used for?

    Glue sticks are used with a glue gun, this application is typically used for bonding and fixing porous and permeable substrates with materials such as rubber, ceramic, metal, plastic, fabric, paper, cardboard, glass, polystyrene and wood. A gluestick can also be used in different domestic or commercial industries, applied to materials such as corrugated packaging, product assemble and laminating. Electronic device manufacturers also use glue sticks in their glue guns for assembling and fixing parts and components together.

    How long is a Glue Stick?

    A glue sticks length will vary in size, depending on your choice of product. Our range offers glue sticks that are 43mm in length to 300mm. The diameter will also vary, our range features a diameter of 11mm to 43mm, with many different sizes being added to the range regularly. The average pack will contain 16 sticks or slugs, but we have a variation of pack quantities available.

    Types of Glue Sticks

    A glue stick is assorted into two different types. The first type being Ethylene Vinyl Acetate (EVA), which is a Polymer adhesive. The second being Polyolefin or Metallocene, which are considered single polymer adhesives. Our range of glues feature flame retardant pack types, low viscosity types and types that are non-toxic.

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