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    3M Adhesive

    3M Adhesives are renowned in the industry for their reliability and versatility. Suitable for a variety of applications, 3M glues are essential for when speed and convenience matters. With a selection of specialist models to suit all price ranges, 3M are a brand you can trust.

    RS combines its customer first attitude with 3Ms high quality range of products to bring you the solutions you need when you need them. For tough, reliable products that stand up to the high demands of the most challenging industries, 3M stand above the crowd.

    Which 3M Spray Adhesive is Strongest?

    The answer to this question depends on your specific needs. The strongest spray adhesives from 3M are the Heavy Duty, Extreme and Super 77 lines. Each adhesive offers its own advantages depending on the type of bonding you need.

    3M Heavy Duty Spray Adhesive forms a strong bond that can be used for many materials including metal, wood, foam and plastic. It offers excellent heat resistance making it ideal for automotive repairs or when working with higher-temperature materials.

    3M Extreme Spray Adhesive creates a long-lasting bond that holds extremely well even in extreme temperatures. This line also resists peeling and water damage which makes it perfect for outdoor applications.

    Lastly, 3M Super 77 Multipurpose Spray Adhesive provides an aggressive tack that bonds almost any material quickly and permanently. This makes it great for projects like creating picture frames or laminating two items together.

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