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    Pelican Cases

    Pelican cases are incredibly sturdy and highly durable storage and transport solutions, designed around robust protection for a wide range of important or sensitive equipment and component types.

    Thanks to their reputation as virtually indestructible in everyday use, the Pelican name - and its European branding, differentiated as Peli - has become synonymous worldwide with toughness, reliability and longevity.

    What makes Pelican cases so good for equipment protection and transport?

    • These virtually indestructible cases are widely used and trusted by all manner of key global organisations including militaries, emergency services and heavy industries
    • They're generally reviewed as being among some of the very best rugged cases available on today's market, and offering excellent value for money over a lifetime of hardwearing use
    • Peli cases offer superior waterproof, dustproof and shockproof credentials, many with ingress protection ratings of IP67+, guaranteeing better protection for your vital gear across a wide range of challenging environmental conditions
    • Pelican cases are built to last, using a tried and tested combination of highly durable plastics and polymers (including nylon, PP and ABS) along with precisely cut foam inserts, offering a combination of extremely tough performance with sturdy cushioning for more delicate items
    • You can also choose from a wide range of options in terms of castors and wheels, inserts, dividers, locking options and more, helping you tailor a high-quality Peli product to your specific preferences and transport requirements

    See our full range of transit case accessories for an even wider variety of useful add-ons and extras, all designed around making it easier and safer to get your crucial equipment safely from A to B.

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