Material Transport - Castors & Wheels

Castors and wheels are a crucial part of material transport infrastructures in factories, warehouses and all other business premises. Our catalogue of high quality wheels, castors, tyres and accessories is supplied by leading brands such as Tente, LAG, Revvo, Interroll and Bosch Rexroth.

What type of castors or wheels are best for different material transport jobs?

  • Castor wheels - often the go-to solution for most types of industrial, manufacturing and commercial material transport, castors enable easy movement of goods and objects via a range of trolleys and trucks.
  • Options for buying castors online include:
    • Fixed, swivel or braked castors: Fixed castors allow movement in one linear direction at a time, while swivel castors rotate to enable multi-direction tracking. Braked castors limit unwanted movement via a pedal.
    • Castor fixing type: Choose from top plate, bolt hole or threaded stem.
    • Castor strength/weight rating: Light-duty (up to 75kg), medium-duty (76-140kg) or heavy-duty (141kg+).

  • Tyred wheels - used with castors to absorb shock, help roll over small objects, and to minimise vibration. They come in a variety of sizes, don’t require inflating or topping up, and are made from a range of highly durable materials.
  • Options include:
    • Tyre wheel material: Choose from rubber (great for quiet, smooth operation and hardwearing longevity), polyurethane/PUR (best for very high load capacities, as well as resistant to chemicals, abrasion and tears), polyamide or polypropylene.
    • Environment type: Puncture-proof solid tyred wheels are ideal for heavy-duty applications, and work well on rough or uneven surfaces such as grass/gravel. Closed-cell tyre walls don’t absorb water, and won’t freeze or crack in extreme conditions.
We also stock a selection of solid wheels in various materials including cast iron, solid steel, numerous plastics and rubber, at diameters up to 280mm. Depending on your needs, these can be built to handle loads up to 2000kg, and come with a variety of ball/roller bearing fixtures for ease of movement even under extreme loading.

Our castor and wheel accessories range features various plate and stem fitting types, for attaching castors, tyred or solid wheels in a multitude of sizes and positions.

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