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    Peli Foam Inserts

    Foam inserts are foam shapes that are placed into cases and packaging to protect goods during transit and storage. They can also improve the overall quality of the product presentation. Case inserts can be used with small delicate items or large bulky items, such as camera equipment in flight cases. The foam is cut to different shapes and designs to make them suitable to support the items they are used with.

    When used with a protective Transit Case, foam inserts can help to protect your items from both impact, dust and water.

    What are foam inserts made from?

    Foam inserts are commonly manufactured from either polyurethane (PU) or polyethylene (PE). These materials are both lightweight and durable, offering the optimum amount of protection.

    • PE foam is dense and long lasting, it is ideal for use with heavy objects and can absorb a moderate amount of shock.
    • PU foam is softer and ideal for use with delicate and unevenly shaped objects as it has excellent shock absorption properties.

    Foam Shapes

    • Convoluted (egg crate) - A versatile foam used generally as lid foam because it is able to lightly secure in items in place and absorb high shock well.
    • Pick and pluck - Have pre-cut removable cubes to create a custom-sized space to fit items in snugly.
    • Solid - Solid foam is appropriate for all packaging applications. It can be easily cut with a utility knife to make your own customised holes.

    Foam Cutting Methods

    • Die - Cut - Highly precise and creates smooth shapes for items to fill well. Foam cut in one motion using force.
    • Knife - Cut manually with a knife or by using a computer.
    • Laser - Excellent precision, able to achieve perfect 90 degree cut.
    • Water Jet - Fast and accurate cutting method. Ideal for complex or large inserts.
    • Wire - For deep and large inserts.
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