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    A ramp is a type of sloping surface, comprised of a strong and sturdy material such as aluminium, which joins two different levels. When placed and fitted properly, a ramp will allow effortless access from one level to another. A ramp is commonly used at the entrance, exit or to level up or down in a building, enabling users to move between different floors or levels of a building or space.

    Where are ramps used?

    Ramps have a wide range of uses:Access/Wheelchair: A ramp can sometimes be referred to as an access ramp or a wheelchair ramp. An access ramp or a wheelchair ramp enable wheelchairs, mobility scooters, prams and other items with wheels to access a platform. They essentially aid travel across different levelsSteps: A ramp can also be used as an alternative to stairs, a great solution for steps on a pathway.Vehicles: Access or loading items into vehicles, this type of ramp is commonly referred to as a vehicle ramp.Threshold: A ramp can be used to bridge over a door threshold or a step, this type of ramp is called threshold ramp. They allow easy access for anything with wheels, as well as removing the danger of tripping and indoor walking hazards.Construction: You may see them being used in the construction industry, bridging gaps from a road to a kerb, they help workers move materials either with a wheelbarrow or whilst walking from one place to another safely.

    What weight can a ramp hold?

    This will all depend on the type you are looking for or already have, some ramps are designed to take the weight of an object, such as a wheelchair. Whilst others can hold the weight of a person. Please be sure to consider the weight capacity of your ramp before using it.

    A little more information about ramp installation

    A ramp can be installed permanently, we also have portable ramps which are removable. Folding ramps are ideal for temporary access to vans and buses. The folding action allows the ramp to be portable and taken with the user wherever they may need it, they are often lightweight and easy to fold. Permanent ramps can be fastened into place for a sturdier, long-lasting solution.RS brings to you a range of ramps from leading suppliers, including our very own trusted brand RS Pro.

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