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    Extension Ladders

    Extension ladders are a very common type of ladder, mostly leant against some type of support to reach high places, such as a house or a wall for example. The ladders are extendable, making transporting the ladder across multiple locations and storing it away using as little space as possible easy.

    Varieties of Extension Ladders

    Most extension ladders consist of two sections, a base that should be always in touch with the ground. The second part of the ladder is the fly and this is the moveable section that allows the extension ladder to reach heights. Double section ladders allow the user to achieve the desired height quicker.

    Triple section extension ladders feature an additional section to the base and fly. A three section extension ladder has the advantage of having a smaller closed length for transport purposes. The desired height is achieved by an inbuilt system of clips that locks the ladders together once its raised.

    Choosing the right ladder?

    Choosing the right ladder is influenced by the range of materials available as well as safety and durability purposes. Fibreglass ladders generally offer the best value, being more lightweight and durable than aluminium, even though it costs a lot more than its metal counterpart. For a breakdown of each material:




    Aluminium extension ladders are more popular among professionals and homeowners for its reasonable price and lightness. These aluminium ladders are durable, with rectangular box section stiles and mostly d-rungs.




    Fibreglass extension ladders are the most popular, being as light as aluminium, but far stronger and durable in everyday use. They are safe around electrical items and in wet slippery conditions, making them ideal for the workplace and professional use.

    Typical Applications

    • Roof and loft access
    • Window Cleaning
    • Painting and decorating
    • Fixing lights
    • Trade work
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