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    SHOWA provide the highest degree of sustainable hand protection for various applications and uses.

    'Showa’ means “finding a balance between different elements” in Japanese. This principle is much more than just a formula; it is at the heart of SHOWA's approach and requires full control of all stages. SHOWA pioneers the quality, performance, and protection to give ordinary hands extraordinary abilities.

    SHOWA performs every possible resistance test in their labs to ensure that each glove is fit for work before packaging and delivery. All their production sites around the world are ISO 9001 certified and embrace their relentless pursuit of excellence.

    Chemical Protection Gloves

    Chemical Protection

    Workers who are in contact with chemicals, hazardous substances, and gases – even simple cleaning detergents – are putting their hands at risk. The SHOWA Chemical Protection range reduces the risk of injury, and the appropriate hand protection solutions can be found via the SHOWA ChemRest platform.

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