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    Innovation For Tomorrow's Designs

    Abracon is an industry leader in passive components, providing frequency control & timing devices, RF & antenna products, and inductor & connectivity solutions. With service and quality at the company’s core, Abracon enables innovative IoT solutions.

    Abracon powers the AEL Crystals, Ecliptek, Fox, ILSI, MMD, Oscilent and ProAnt brands, delivering the latest technical design support and global supply chain flexibility to solve customers’ unique challenges.

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    CONTINUOUS VOLTAGE™ Oscillator Family

    • The SPXO and TCXO devices are designed to support low power and battery-powered designs requiring reduced overall system power budget
    • Designed for simplicity and optimized for low power consumption while providing low RMS jitter performance at any voltage between 1.60 V and 3.60 V
    • Our temperature-compensated oscillator (TCXO) series are particularly suited for space-constrained and power-constrained devices with Wi-Fi, GPS, and Bluetooth services
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    AMSLA Stacked Inductors

    AMSLA Stacked Inductors

    • Ideal solution for high power DC-DC conversion
    • Great for Datacenters, Enterprise Servers and other Telecom applications
    • Low inductances for high switching frequencies
    • Cost effective assembly structure
    • Package sizes ranging from 7 x 7 mm to 13 x 13 mm

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    Abracon's Basics of Inductors

    When selecting an inductor, there is no one-size-fits-all; it all boils down to the intended application before size and cost considerations.

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    Top Design Challenges for IoT and Wearables

    The Internet of Things and wearables revolution changed everything, from size and connectivity requirements to firmware and integration challenges. New requirements ripple through the technology supply chain, such as semiconductor design, passive components, software and cloud. More than any other new requirement, however, is lower power consumption. This whitepaper discusses how to reduce oscillator power consumption while achieving optimal oscillation margin.

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    A New Challenge for wearable and IoT applications

    While software integration, connectivity, RF design and security drive a large part of the design cycle within IoT applications, the one challenge that has remained consistent over time is power consumption. Abracon’s W-Series quartz crystals offer low ESR specifications in combination with low CL options to address the energy-saving MCU & portable communication chipset market trends. It’s the most comprehensive series on the market with the lowest CL and lowest ESR available.

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