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    FIGnition FIGnition inFUZE Education Kit

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    FIGnition inFUZE
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    FIGnition inFUZE

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    FIGnition inFUZE SBC Education Kit

    FIGnition inFUZE is an Arduino®-sized and shield compatible single-board computer aimed squarely at the hobby and education market. It is supplied in kit form with comprehensive web-based instructions on how to solder it together. All the parts are standard 'through-hole' format (no surface-mount components) and even a beginner should have little difficulty creating a working computer in a few hours. Only three extra items need to be provided by the user - a television or monitor with a composite video input, a composite video cable and a suitable mains power supply. The microcontroller device is supplied pre-programmed with a high-level language, a dialect of Forth, and programs may be entered via the on-board keypad. FIGnition is an Open-Source product and third-party suppliers are starting to produce add-on 'shields' for it.
    The on-board Flash memory is supplied pre-loaded with a range of games and utilities including a simple 2-channel analogue data logger. Users are encouraged to create their own add-on 'shields' using copper strip-board.
    Tutorial and manuals available on line:

    • 20MHz Atmel ATmega328 microcontroller, 32KB Flash memory, 2KB RAM, 1KB EEPROM
    • On-board 512KB serial SPI Flash memory, expandable to 1MB
    • On-board 8KB serial SPI RAM memory, expandable to 32KB
    • Text display mode: 25 x 24 monochrome text with 16 user-defined characters
    • Graphics display mode: 160 x 160 bitmap graphics with Sprite engine
    • Pre-programmed FORTH language interpreter/compiler firmware, utilities and sample programs
    • RCA jack (Yellow phono socket) for composite video display output
    • RCA jack (Red phono socket) for audio output
    • On-board programming keypad
    • +5Vdc power supply via USB-B socket
    • PCB footprint for optional I/O header sockets, Shield-compatible
    • FIGnition has a GPL-open source software licence and is Open-Source Hardware OSH compliant


    A basic electronics toolkit is required to assemble FIGnition including a fine point soldering iron, side-cutters and long-nosed pliers. Suitable soldering iron kit for UK: 768-3573 , for EU countries: 768-3576. Composite video cable: 410-905 .


    While they are not overly static-sensitive, it's a good idea to keep the chips in the black foam until required and to avoid charging yourself up on nylon carpets!

    Supplied with

    Getting Started guide


    Product NameFIGnition inFUZE Education Kit