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    Littelfuse 3A Leaded PCB Mount Resettable Fuse, 32V dc

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    Discontinued product
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    Legislation and Compliance

    Product Details

    Tyco PolySwitch™ PTC Devices AHEF Series

    TE AHEF series fuses are automotive-specific versions of PolySwitch PPTC devices qualified and sold under the PS400 specification which is derived from AEC-Q200, the standard for electronic components used in the automotive industry. Applications they are typically used include telematics, infotainment and navigations systems, Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) back-light heaters, power and cigarette lighter outlets, plugs and adapter/chargers, motor and motor circuit protection including power door-locks, mirrors, lumbar pumps, seats, sunroofs, windows, air-flow detection and overcurrent protection in HVAC and cooling fan systems.

    Overcurrent and overvoltage circuit protection devices
    Resettable and single-use overcurrent devices
    Wide range of form factor and termination methods
    Products meet applicable automotive industry standards
    Devices compatible with high-volume electronics assembly
    RoHS compliant

    PCB Wire Ended

    All are UL, CSA, TUV approved
    Protection of electrical and electronic circuits against excessive currents
    Rapid switch from low resistance state to very high resistance with electrical overload or short circuit
    Quick and automatic reset and return to low resistance state when fault condition corrected and power removed


    Automatically resets itself thousands of times
    Maintenance free
    Small size and no fuseholder required

    Main applications:

    Security systems
    Power supplies and transformers
    Power switching devices
    Automotive and medical equipment
    Instrumentation and control
    Computers and peripherals
    Audio visual and telecommunications


    Lead OrientationRadial
    Trip Current6A
    Time to Trip5s
    Hold Current3A
    Voltage Rating32V dc
    Maximum Current100 A
    Minimum Resistance0.035Ω
    Maximum Resistance110mΩ
    Power Dissipation3.2W
    Body Height15.5mm
    Body Length10.2mm
    Body Width3.8mm
    Wire Pitch4.32 → 5.84mm
    Wire Length7.6mm
    Wire Diameter20AWG
    Discontinued product