STEM skills act as the perfect platform to a more socially mobile and globally impactful life. They broaden horizons, empower the disadvantaged and diversify life choices. But many young people have yet to see the 'bigger picture' impact these skills could have on the world.

That’s why RS has developed Imagine-X. It links dynamic, exciting STEM subjects to real people who have used the same skills to make the world a better place. It gives teachers free curriculum-aligned resources for pupils aged 7 – 14, with one aim: helping pupils realise the far-reaching potential of STEM and their imaginations.

Introducing Imagine-X

Free teacher lesson plans to help pupils realise the potential of STEM and their imaginations.

These cross-curricular resources match real people who have achieved extraordinary things, our RS Heroes, with real skills . Imagine-X takes those skills and the RS Heroes, and breaks down lessons into exciting challenges so your pupils can learn how to use their skills to become heroes themselves

STEM Lesson plans