Panasonic Sensors Solutions for IIoT

Industrial IoT Solutions | Panasonic

Sensor solutions from Panasonic cover a wide range of sensing technologies, including their latest Grid-EYE® Thermopile Array sensors, particulate matter (PM) sensor for monitoring air quality, a large selection of Passive Infrared or Pyroelectric PIR Motion Sensors (PaPIRs) and more.

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Air Quality Sensor

Panasonic's air quality sensors use an optical method to detect particle matters (PM) in the air.

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Discover Panasonic's sensor range, including PaPIRs motion sensors and Grid-EYE infrared array sensors.

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Wireless Modules

Featuring Bluetooth Low Energy and WiFi modules from Panasonic for building wireless solutions.

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PhotoMOS relays

Offer reliable performance and prolonged lifetime for industrial applications. High-sensitivity and RS series are available.

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Signal Relays

Find a suitable relay for signal control among:

  • standard configuration relays from TX series
  • slim profile devices from AGN/AGQ series
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Power Relays

High power relays in a small housing, including DE (optimal solution KNX) and DSP (low coil power and very low profile) series.

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Polymer, hybrid and electrolytic capacitors from Panasonic are perfectly suited for Industrial IoT applications.

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ETQP and ELT3KN series of inductors with low high and small size are ideal for space-contrained designs.

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Explore Panasonic's chip resistors from ERJP (Anti-surge, Anti-pulse, high-power), ERJ1G (Smaller case size) and ERJU/S (Anti-sulfur) series

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Common mode noise filter

Two series are available:

  • EXC*CZ series for Wi-Fi signals
  • EXC*CH series for high data speed signals
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The selection includes narrow pitch board to board connector and FPC connector.

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Reliable and flexible line up of switches, featuring tactile (EVQ Series) and detector (ESE Series) switches.

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The New Grid-Eye Module

Panasonic's new Grid-Eye sensors are extremely precise infrared array sensor based on Advanced MEMS Technology. These sensors are ideal when people detection is a must, without invading privacy. Watch the video to learn more!

Group of PaPIR sensors from Panasonic Industry

Panasonic's New PaPIRs Sensors with 14mm Lens

Pyroelectric infrared motion sensors with a smaller lens size (14mm) than conventional sensors...

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Diagram of PhotoMOS relays from Panasonic Industry

PhotoMOS Relays - Part 1

Introducing Panasonic's PhotoMOS Relays - the little-known components hidden in industrial and automative devices.

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Group of Panasonic PhotoMOS relays

PhotoMOS Relays - Part 2

Get to know the CC Type PhotoMOS relay known for its small size, low power consumption and its ability to operate in high-temperatures.

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