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    Pivotal PCBs from Eurocircuits

    Speedy service from our specialist partners in PCB prototype and small series service.

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    PCB Prototyping with Eurocircuits

    We work in partnership with Eurocircuits to give you access to precise and cost-effective PCB services. As a specialist manufacturer, Eurocircuits provides a fast PCB prototype and small series service using virtual manufacture and rapid, high quality assembly. Short lead-times help you meet your time-to-market challenges so you can leverage the potential of new products.

    The links on this page will take you directly to Eurocircuits website where Eurocircuits terms and policies will apply.

    Discover how Eurocircuits can support your PCB needs now

    Eliminates costly errors

    Specialists will identify the most cost-effective production method


    Digital quotations and rapid delivery

    Environmental responsibility

    Local manufacturing cuts carbon footprint and reduces waste in prototyping production


    Focus on quality assurance,RoHS, REACH and conflict minerals compliant

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    Virtual manufacture before ordering ensures it’s right first time, on time and in budget. Visit the Eurocircuits website today for more information and a quote.

    Visit the Eurocircuits site

    Discover how our very own DesignSpark used Eurocircuits to help manufacture their latest project

    In this interview, DesignSpark speak with Dirk Stans from Eurocircuits to explore this service and why it was a perfect choice for manufacturing the ESD Kit, the hardware that’s used in the DesignSpark Air Quality Project.