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    RS vending machine

    Industrial Vending Machines

    Your engineers need access to PPE, parts and tools. You want visibility and control. The solution? RS VendStock®.

    Let us take care of your inventory management

    Reduced inventory costs

    24/7 lineside availability of parts, tools, and PPE cuts unnecessary walk & wait time; frees up resources to keep lines running.

    Streamlined processes

    Integrated digital solution removes admin bottlenecks, reduces paperwork, and consolidates invoices.

    Valuable insight

    Enables greater visibility of stock and spend, including product usage and operator consumption, to highlight trends.

    Smart calibration service

    Utilise RS VendStock® to manage returnable test & measurement items through our UKAS accredited Calibration Laboratory.

    Greater control

    Leave replenishment to us; save time receiving and putting away stock while ensuring quality, compliance, and availability.

    Industrial supplies. Reimagined.

    Holding essential consumables and tools away from point of use can hamper your engineers’ productivity.

    Cut excessive operator motion by placing our fully integrated industrial vending machines - RS VendStock® at the heart of your operations.

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    Industrial vending machines can help reduce product consumption by up to 40%

    Source: RS findings

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    Bringing everyday essentials lineside

    We work with you to agree stock choice and vending machine locations for easy access to essential parts and tools.

    Contact us now to find out how RS VendStock® can transform your operations.

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