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    WE are Pushing the Power for You

    Power can be different things: people can be powerful but so can electrical components. In the electronics industry, power means the interaction of energy, voltage, current, heat development and resistance. It is about the power supply, the selection of the components to transfer power to the circuit board. It is about components, needed to balance, regulate, store, filter or smooth this transferred power. However, it includes even more than all this. Thermal aspects also need to be considered when dealing with power. Higher currents lead to heat generation, which has to be considered in the selection of electronic or electromechanical parts. That is why we have efficient, powerful and robust products that transmit current with minimal self-heating and low contact resistance.

    WE have the right product for every application. Discover the variety of our huge power product portfolio now.

    Range of Shielded Power Inductors from Würth Elektronik

    Shielded Power Inductors

    Shielded Power Inductors minimize EMI while balancing small size with high current ratings. They can used in DC/DC converter or filter applications filtering and energy storage. The Würth Elektronik portfolio offers you Power Inductors with high efficiency in a huge amount of different sizes.


    • Compact design
    • Magnetically shielded
    • Handles high transient current spikes
    • No acoustic noise and no leakage field
    • Soft saturation behaviour

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    Range of REDCUBE Terminals from Würth Elektronik

    REDCUBE Terminals

    REDCUBE terminals are the most reliable high-power contacts on the PCB level. Low contact resistance guarantees minimum self-heating. Four different designs cover all leading processing technologies and offer a wide range of applications.


    • Flexibility in processing and connection technologies
    • Highest current ratings up to 500 A
    • Board-to-Board and Wire-to-Board solutions
    • Extremely low self-heating
    • Small, strong and reliable
    • Robust mechanical connection

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    Range of Common Mode Chokes for Mains Power Line from Würth Elektronik

    Common Mode Chokes

    Common Mode Chokes with a broadband filtering due to their low capacitance winding technique. Despite the small size, they deliver outstanding broadband attenuation performance, high rated currents and low DC resistance values.


    • Some with very high permeability nanocrystalline core material
    • High suppression of asymmetrical interferences also at low frequency range
    • Flammability corresponding to UL 94 V-0
    • 3 different core materials for different frequency ranges

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    Range of Aluminium Polymer Capacitors from Würth Elektronik

    Aluminum Polymer Capacitors

    Aluminum polymer capacitors are widely recognized as an innovation in the field of charge storage devices. WE offers parts with extremely low ESR values, high capacitances, long life and voltages currently up to 63 V(DC). They contain solid conductive polymer instead of wet electrolytic.


    • Lower ESR & ESL than Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors
    • Higher acceptable ripple current due to lower ESR
    • High long term stability / expected life
    • No DC bias effect like with MLCCs

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    Range of MagI³C Power Modules from Würth Elektronik

    Power Modules (MagI³C Series)

    MagI³C Power Modules represents the evolution of a discrete DC/DC voltage converter. All discrete components including controller IC, transistors, diodes, inductors and small capacitors are integrated into one package. They enable design engineers to speed up the process of integrating a power supply into their system for a faster time to market.


    • Compact design
    • Low conducted and radiated EMI (compliant to EN55022 class B/CISPR-22)
    • Easy design in, no power supply knowledge required

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    Range of Wireless Power Coils from Würth Elektronik

    Wireless Power Coils

    Wireless Power Transfer Coils offer the best performance with highest Q-factor and lowest RDC values. Standardized coils, according to Wireless Power Consortium (WPC), and other off-the-shelf components from 50 mW to 200 W are available.


    • Qi standard compliant
    • Applicable form 1W up to 15 W (up to 300 W outside the standards)
    • Cancels charging flux to be not coupled into sensitive components or batteries
    • Litz wires for coils with higher power demand for best efficiency

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    Range of Terminal Blocks from Würth Elektronik

    Terminal Blocks

    Würth Elektronik screw type terminal blocks are available in different pitches and pincounts and offer large and modular terminal block possibilities in order to fulfil most of the requirements which can be found in the industrial marketplace.


    • Current rating up to 57 A
    • Working voltage up to 750 VAC
    • UL, cULus, VDE rated products

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    Range of DC Power Jacks from Würth Elektronik

    DC Power Jacks

    DC power jack is designed to supply Direct Current (DC) power to devices. Würth Elektronik offers right angled and vertical versions with different choices of center pins diameters to fit the most common plug standard dimensions.


    • Low contact resistance
    • 5000 mating cycles guaranteed
    • Low profile options (Space saving on PCB)
    • High temperature plastics (UL94-V0 rating overall)

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    Würth Elektronik Videos

    Power Inductors – Key parameters and design in various power topologies

    Investigating the key design and selection parameters for power inductors. This includes optimizing efficiency through the minimizing of both AC and DC losses using REDEXPERT. The seminar takes into account the size of the component, the temperature rise, layout and tracking as well as alternative circuit design specifications options. Various converter topologies will be reviewed as part of the above investigation.

    #askLorandt explains: REDCUBE THR High Current Terminals

    Our technology ambassador Lorandt Foelkel explains the REDCUBE THR of technology and processing in a short video.