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    Home Appliances: Where Quality Dances with Resilience

    White goods. They're not the most exciting part of a home, but they are the most important: helping you cook and clean, or enjoy a hot beverage with the simple touch of a button.

    And while home appliances are smarter and more interconnected than ever before, they also need to be reliable, quiet and economical.

    That's a lot to consider when designing your next product. That's where WE come in. WE know you need components that are highly efficient, high quality and resilient. WE know that products need to have lower power consumption and longevity to ensure the best energy rating.

    Sustainably manufactured and long-lasting certified design-in parts that ensure you can offer the best products to your customers? WE know.

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    WE know Washing Machine Components

    Washing machines have changed significantly since the invention of the first electronic washing machine in 1914. Whether it's a twin-tub or a wi-fi connected device, however, the requirement is still the same: to reliably clean the things that matter.

    Today, WE know the focus is on energy efficiency, smart home connectivity and device longevity. Every washing machine contains numerous electronic circuits that require components you can rely on.

    Learn how Würth Elektronik can help you with your next design.

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    WE know Refrigerator Components

    Refrigerators are an essential part of a modern kitchen, where food is kept ready for culinary invention or just a midnight snack.

    These days it isn't enough for food to be chilled; fridges need to be energy efficient and hygienic. They can also be connected to the smart home, although they won't tell you when your avocado is ripe.

    Even the simplest fridge needs numerous electronic circuits and sensors to keep cool the ingredients for your next Michelin-star menu. Click to discover the line up WE offer.

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    WE know Coffee Machine Components

    These days, everyone can have a barista in their kitchen with a fully-automatic coffee machine. That lovely fresh-ground-coffee smell involves many processes to get it right, from grinding the coffee beans and pressing the powder to filtering it with hot water to get a delicious coffee at the touch of a button.

    As well as numerous electronic circuits, modern appliances are also controllable through your phone, meaning they need to be IoT ready.

    Find out how WE can help you with your next design.

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    WE know Cooking Hob Components

    Whether you're cooking on gas or prefer an induction hob, having a reliable way to boil, sauté and fry your food is essential.

    Modern hobs are increasingly sophisticated. Each device contains numerous electronic circuits, for example to operate fans, heating- or induction-coils. Even a gas hob needs an ignition device.

    To design the best product, you need the best components. Find out how WE can help.

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    Future Outlook: Revolutionizing Home Appliances with Ki Cordless Kitchen Standard

    The mission of the wireless power consortium, with Würth Elektronik as a member, is to redefine kitchen appliances by introducing the Ki Cordless Kitchen standard. With up to 2200 watts wirelessly delivered through wireless power transmitters and cooktops, it enables cordless operation of smart kitchen devices like coffee makers, blenders, and air fryers.

    This innovation maximizes space efficiency, allowing all kitchen activities on one surface. Two-way communication enhances device functionality, while easy installation and compatibility with various surfaces simplify adoption. Embrace a sleek, ultra-modern kitchen aesthetic as wiring remains hidden. The future of kitchen appliances is safer, smarter, and wire-free with Ki Cordless Kitchen.

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