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    E-Mobility applications in an EMV testing room

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    It is a time of change. Electric vehicles are becoming more prevalent on the road. There is an irreversible shift toward electromobility. There are still challenges, however, which seem impossible to some. That's exactly where we can support. From the outside, our components are invisible, but they are crucial to the future of electromobility. With us, you'll get more range, faster charging, and a longer life with less electrical waste.

    Power Transformer for more Range

    Power Transformer for more Range

    In addition to the performance and size of the vehicle's battery, high efficiency of its powertrain is crucial to covering long distances without stopping. Power transformers have been designed specifically for SiC MOSFETs, a state-of-the-art semiconductor technology.  Using the latest semiconductor technology, WE-AGDT increases range by 10%. The component's fingertip size and few grams of weight make it remarkable!

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    Maximum Robustness with MPSB/MPSA

    Maximum Robustness with WE-MPSB/WE-MPSA

    WE developed WE-MPSB/WE-MPSA taking market requirements into account and with maximum robustness in mind. The MPSB/MPSA reduce electromagnetic interference and radiation and are used in many electric car applications: On-Board Charger, Inverter, Battery Management Systems, etc.

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    Redcube Components with press-fit technology

    Redcube Components with press-fit Technology

    The charging power must be large in order to achieve short charging times. As a result, the charging station and the electric vehicle are heated to high temperatures. It is necessary for the electronic components to meet the demands of high temperatures and charging power. Redcube components' innovative press-fit technology allows them to transfer charging power in a safe and effective manner, which is very unique to the market.

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    Improving EMC Performance with WE-CAR-TEC

    Improving EMC Performance with WE-CAR-TEC

    Electromagnetic interference is inevitably increased as motor vehicles become more electrified. Due to this, WE developed the WE-CAR-TEC Snap Ferrite series. With AEC-Q200 qualification, folding ferrite with NiZn core material provides significantly improved EMC performance. Due to the patented closing mechanism, the ferrite can be used for testing and measurement purposes in EMC laboratories.

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    Würth Elektronik E-Mobility Products at RS

    WE-PD Power Inductors

    Power Inductors

    Small and powerful: WE Power Inductors offer a smooth power handling at any application. Available in a wide range of inductance values, currents and voltages. Low ripple currents and RDC values.

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    WE-SMD Ferrites

    SMD Ferrite

    WE-SMD Ferrites are an effective solution for attenuating electromagnetic interferences directly on the PCB. Wide band noise suppression and specified peak current capability (up to 10.5 A).

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    WE Cable Ferrites

    Cable Ferrite

    WE Cable Ferrites offer a flexible solution to EMC problems and can be easily attached to cables, such as those used in inverters and OBCs. With patented key technology suited for EMC labs.

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    WE RF Inductors

    RF Inductors

    Power management and filtering of high frequency circuits often found in wireless connectivity & infotainment apps. SMD Inductor with multilayer ceramic body. Very stable inductance over temperature.

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    WE SMD Spacers

    Assembly Material

    SMD Spacer significantly optimize the assembly process of electromechanical units. Fast and precise process. Instant removable kapton foil. Highest process reliability.

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    REDCUBE Terminals

    High Power Connector

    REDCUBE Terminals are the most reliable high-power contact on PCB level. Best choice for high current EV charging stations. Formula E proof & World Champion in the Audi Sport Abt Schaeffler race car.

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    WE Transformers


    Controlling & stabilization of power transmissions in signal and power lines. Formula E proof: WE transformers were inside the Audi Sport Abt Schaeffler race car. Capable of fully automated assembly.

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    WE Wireless Connectivity & Sensors

    Wireless Connectivity & Sensors

    The wireless solutions and sensors help to track, monitor and measure in your emobility application. Full Service Products - Hardware + Firmware. Certification and Conformity - CE, FCC, IC & ARIB.

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