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    Siemens Logo controller with cloud interface on a teal blue background

    Siemens LOGO!

    The compact controller with a Cloud interface

    Even more versatile - LOGO! 8.3 sets new limits

    Not everything in life is always logical. Not in your private life, not in your job, not in the technical task that you might be toiling away at. But so much could be LOGO!. In private life, if you are looking for new possibilities around your home in terms of comfort and energy efficiency. In your job, if you are technically oriented, a plant constructor or planner. It is logical that LOGO! offers you a great deal of leeway, especially in the case of small automation tasks.

    And the new LOGO! 8.3 offers much more. This gives you the peace of mind to remain with your application on the solid ground of technical facts. Or to take off on an exhilarating flight into the cloud with your data.

    LOGO! goes Cloud. Want any new ideas?

    Highlights of LOGO! 8.3 at a glance

    • Setting up a cloud connection easily using the LOGO! Soft Comfort "wizard"
    • Creation of web pages without HTML knowledge using the LOGO! Web Editor
    • Security through TLS encryption from the AWS cloud to LOGO!
    • Unlimited data storage and analysis options in the cloud
    • Cloud communication integrated in every LOGO! 8.3 Basic Module
    • Compatible with the latest expansion modules

    LOGO! goes cloud

    With LOGO! automation is very simple. Discover completely new possibilities with the new cloud connection of the controller, such as Integrated IO's, drag-and-drop programming, etherrnet and Modbus TCP/IP and Integrated web server.

    LOGO! Basic Modules

    LOGO! Basic Modules

    Basic Modules with and without display is the perfect choice as a fast, uncomplicated and space-saving solution for basic control tasks.

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    LOGO! Expansion Modules

    LOGO! Expansion Modules

    Digital and analog Modules with a maximum of 24 digital inputs, 20 digital outputs, 8 analog inputs and 8 analog outputs possible.

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    LOGO! Power

    LOGO! Power

    Power supply devices and inrush current limiter designed like LOGO! modules offer great performance in the smallest space.

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    LOGO! Software

    LOGO! Software

    LOGO! Software supports small automation projects with simple and intuitive configuration and operation

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    Application examples with the new LOGO!

    Distributed Pumps

    Predictive maintenance for distributed pumps

    If information such as operating hours, sensor data and filling levels of distributed and non-networked pumps is to be recorded – then you could collect it by walking from station to station. Or you can use the cloud interface of LOGO! and the option of sending the pump control variables to the cloud.

    It is so much easier and faster via the cloud: display data clearly on a dashboard and control pumps centrally. For example, predictive maintenance planning is also possible, with demand-oriented instead of cyclical use of pumps.

    Safely turning off the power to the construction site

    A lot of electricity is often consumed on construction sites – and often despite the fact that nobody is still working there. With LOGO! and the cloud connection, you can create configurable dashboards in the cloud using LOGO! Web Editor (LWE), and also monitor power consumption and compare multiple locations.

    In addition, construction site power distributors can be shut down safely or individual branches can be disconnected when work is taking place.

    A clean solution: changing filters in good time

    Filter systems get clogged with dirt over time, so that their filter has to be changed. Instead of replacing them periodically, the contamination limit can be determined. Data such as the speed, frequency and current of the motor, the operating hours of the machine and the current status of the filter can be transferred to the cloud via LOGO!.

    A web page created with the LOGO! Web Editor (LWE) displays an alarm to the plant manufacturer's customer when the filter needs to be changed.

    When the chickens contact the farmer via the cloud

    Monitoring and controlling several mobile chicken houses with LOGO! becomes even easier and more efficient with the cloud connection. Functions such as lighting, opening and closing of the flaps or video surveillance of the nests as well as feeding can all be automated and adjusted via a web page.

    If certain conditions or faults occur, the farmer is alerted via the cloud. In addition, historical data can be stored and visualized in the cloud. LOGO! and the cloud enable farmers to easily expand their business by adding more chicken houses.

    Connect a LOGO!

    Worried that you'll miss the connection? Connect a LOGO!How do I connect LOGO! correctly? This video explains the various connection points of a LOGO! 8 basic module 12/24RCE.