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    Siemens SIMATIC IOT2050

    Siemens SIMATIC IOT2050

    Your link to digital dimensions – the smart gateway for Industrial Edge and cloud connect

    Connecting to the digital dimensions of Industrie 4.0 can be so easy and fast – even for existing facilities: The smart gateway SIMATIC IOT2050 processes and harmonizes production data and transfers it to the cloud. If required also by radio or WLAN. The compact gateway offers high performance, e.g. a TI ARM multi-core processor with up to 2 GB DDR4 RAM, numerous interfaces – and in the future even Edge functionality.

    SIMATIC IOT2050 – Highlights at a glance:

    • Preparation of large amounts of data: Increased memory - built-in eMMC "Embedded Multimedia Card"
    • Faster data processing: Improved performance - Quad Core processor
    • Increased flexibility: Standard interfaces, e.g. Display Port
    • Increased efficiency: Intelligent pre-processing of data in the field
    • Faster commissioning: Preinstalled operating system "SIMATIC Industrial OS"

    What are the differences between the basic and advanced versions of the IOT2050?

    SIMATIC IOT2050 Text Table

    More efficiency for your production in the new digital world

    SIMATIC Digital World

    The new IoT gateway SIMATIC IOT2050 offers a simple and cost-effective way for any production plant to not miss the connection to the new digital world. Together with the planned Edge functionality, the user can easily integrate SIMATIC IOT2050 into Siemens Industrial Edge solutions, and, thanks to the pre-installed SIMATIC Industrial OS operating system in the advanced version, the time required for commissioning is also reduced.

    A typical application scenario of the SIMATIC IOT2050 is the preventive maintenance of machines and the coupling of production to the ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) level in order to minimize costly downtimes of production plants. To this end, relevant indicators are evaluated and thus impending signs of wear are detected at an early stage. In this way, the new IoT Gateway helps to make production more flexible, reliable and efficient. SIMATIC IOT2050 acquires, processes and stores the relevant data. These are transferred to a cloud-based analysis tool and the evaluated data is then returned from the cloud to the production maintenance system. This continuous data exchange closes the control loop for optimizing the maintenance intervals in a production plant.

    Your link to Industrial Edge

    Your link to Industrial Edge

    Thanks to the Edge functionality, which will be available in the future, you can easily integrate SIMATIC IOT2050 into Industrial Edge solutions from Siemens. The gateway analyzes and processes your machine and plant data exactly where it is generated: directly in your production department and plant. This permits fast and immediate plant-wide data analysis on site – a tangible advantage for your cloud computing as well: The volume of data transferred to the cloud is significantly reduced, allowing you to make the most of your bandwidth.

    Your link to IIot and the cloud

    Your link to IIoT and the cloud

    Intelligent interconnectivity is the key to the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). And this is exactly where the smart SIMATIC IOT2050 IoT gateway comes in: It connects your in-house IT, production and cloud – and merges data from a wide variety of data sources. Equipped with the SIMATIC Industrial OS operating system based on Linux for Debian, SIMATIC IOT2050 acquires, processes and transmits your data directly in the production environment via industrial IT solutions.

    Your link to high performance

    Your link to high performance

    With SIMATIC IOT2050 you benefit from the highest performance: This is ensured, for example, by powerful Texas Instruments ARM processors, 2 GB DDR4 RAM memory and numerous interfaces, e.g. an mPCIe interface for radio cards, Gbit LAN and two USB interfaces, as well as a serial and an Arduino interface. Furthermore, the gateway is not only designed for data transmission, but also for data aggregation, conversion of various communication protocols, and pre-processing in high-level languages such as Java, C++, Arduino IDE or Eclipse.

    Application examples

     Connection of the field level with the IT level/cloud

    Connection of the field level with the IT level/cloud

    1: Flexible connection to sensors/actuators via serial communication, Ethernet, or Arduino Shields. Communication with PLCs, drives and motors, e.g. with PROFINET or OPC UA; 2: Data collection, conversion of various communication protocols and pre-processing, programmed in high-level languages, e.g. Java, C++; 3: Converted data can be transferred to IT systems/cloud solutions, e.g. with OPC UA, MQTT; 4: Cloud-based analyses to identify optimization potential

    Data analysis of an additional sensor in an already existing machine

    SIMATIC IOT2050 is ideal for retrofitting/an additional option for existing machine designs as a low-cost platform. Generating new data to make the optimization potential transparent; pre-processing/data acquisition with IOT2050 and/or data transfer to the company network/cloud; no need to change/adapt an existing automation solution

    La connexion de composants d'automatisation de différentes fabrications

    Connecting automation components of different manufacturing

    SIMATIC IOT2050 as a cost-effective data gateway for standardizing communication. Connection of different sources and communication networks; pre-processing/data acquisition with IOT2050 and/or data transfer to the company network/cloud; existing automation solutions do not have to be adapted.

    Implementation of new service concepts with connection

    Implementation of new service concepts with connection

    SIMATIC IOT2050 as an intelligent data gateway for implementing predictive maintenance concepts. Connection of motors/drives and additional sensors to global networks for preventive maintenance; simple configuration of the Profinet connection and structured data; reading out data from production and data from automation components.

    SIMATIC IOT2050 - Your link to digital dimensions

    SIMATIC IOT2050 is based on the open gateway platform SIMATIC IOT2000 with a strong, international online community. This also provides active support for getting started with the new gateway.