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    Schneider MRO

    Schneider MRO Optimisation

    Stop the downtime, NOT your Machine

    The best way to improve your MRO practices is to improve your existing equipment design. Schneider recognises the pressures faced by maintenance teams and the importance of robust components, rapid diagnosis and vendor support during planned and unplanned downtime. Our MRO optimised parts will help you:

    • Keep your systems at peak operational efficiency
    • Increase the lifespan and value of electrical equipment
    • Reduce costly reactive maintenance Increase reliability
    • Reduce your downtime

    Click links below to start enhancing your existing machine design, improve your MRO practices and minimise downtime.

    Corrective Maintenance

    The machine stops... our support will dial back the pressure

    So, your machine has stopped, the production queue is stalled, and the pressure is on to get things rolling again. Whilst unplanned maintenance is unavoidable, having the right machine components today will help support a corrective maintenance strategy that empowers your team to:

    • Identify the faulty part and process quickly ​
    • Rapidly diagnose the root cause
    • Receive rapid support to replace the part quickly and easily
    • Improve your sustainability with end of life documents
    • Restart production as quickly as possible
    • Reduce costly unplanned downtime

    Discover our products below to start improving your corrective maintenance approach:

    Harmony Relays

    • Protect motors and equipment from expensive damage due to faults
    • Quick diagnosis of three-phase faults via LED interface indicators
    • Embedded visual indication LEDs and debugging test button to monitor the operation and provide immediate checking of downstream circuit
    • QR code on packaging for quick access instruction sheet

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    Harmony XVR Beacons

    • Warn your maintenance from anywhere in your factory with XVR rotating beacons
    • Large 100mm diameter for high visibility at long distances
    • Harmony XVSV editable voice alarms for long distance indication
    • Long life monitor-less technology
    • High degree of protection and vibration resistance to increase reliability

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    Altivar 320

    • Quick fault diagnosis through dynamic QR code display
    • Simple loader for fast configuration transfer
    • Get your machine back online quickly with the rapid transfer of machine configurations (ATV12 and ATV320) through SOMOVE technology
    • Rapid remote access (SMS and email) of system failure data via remote EcoStruxure platform

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    Predictive Maintenance

    Monitor your machine, maintain your composure

    Part degradation is a fact of life, but it shouldn’t be a roll of the dice.

    At Schneider Electric our interoperable parts and systems will provide you with reliable real-time data on the current state of your machine operations. This will provide an advanced predictive maintenance practice that will accurately:

    • Monitor quality degradation
    • Monitor your energy consumption
    • Provide real time data analysis to detect operational anomalies
    • Proactively inform the maintenance team of a potential failure
    • Help the maintenance team schedule a maintenance event
    • Reduce instances of downtime

    Explore our products for improved machine monitoring and predictive maintenance.

    Harmony Hub Ecosystem

    • Get real time monitoring of environmental factors from the Harmony Hub Ecosystem and its wireless sensor ZBRTT1 and ZBRN1 wireless gateway
    • Easily connect up to 60 different wireless devices such as push buttons, emergency stop, limit switches and sensors

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    Modicon Architecture

    • Accurately predict remaining life information using our “dynamic” patented algorithm
    • Modicon IIoT-native edge controllers manage complex interfaces across assets and devices or directly into the cloud, with embedded functional safety and cybersecurity

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    Harmony HMI

    • Instant remote access to alarms and real time monitoring via HMI project pages
    • Secure Connect for fast, secure and remote troubleshooting
    • Quick reference QR codes for manuals used in predictive maintenance

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    Scheduled Maintenance

    Keep it short, keep it effective and keep things rolling

    Have an upcoming scheduled window but have customer orders stacking up? To achieve production targets and minimize pressure on your teams, maintenance windows need to be short, effective and as infrequent as possible.

    Choosing the right components will allow you to:

    • Maximize the effectiveness of the planned downtime
    • Provide fast, reliable and maintenance windows
    • Minimize the duration of the planned maintenance
    • Provide fast, reliable and comprehensive supplier support

    Explore our products for faster and more effective scheduled maintenance windows.

    Harmony XB4 & XB5

    • Harsh condition protection will maximize you asset lifespan and reduce your maintenance campaigns
    • Simple and rapid installation allowing for reduce Schedule downtime windows

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    Tesys Giga

    • Local Contact Wear Diagnosis (CWD) provided as standard function
    • Continuous monitoring with health and alarm indicators
    • Easy switching of module (main contacts), enhancing contactor life

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    ATV 600

    • Rapid retrofit upgrade from ATV61 and 71 with our Ecofit Solutions
    • Simplified planning and replacement process for parts with catalogued fans in cassette form (no tools required)
    • Get your machine back online quickly with the rapid transfer of machine configurations

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