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    Food and Beverage Case Studies

    Downtime Case Study

    Savings worth £100,000

    "The whole process was easy," said Karl Hews, Control Systems Engineer, Refresco Bondgate. RS Industria helped Refresco Group, the world's largest independent bottler, in potentially cutting costs by £100,000 in parts and labour.

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    Downtime avoided, saving £60,000

    Downtime avoided saving £60,000

    Gathering insight into the health of assets is key to increasing reliability and enabling predictive maintenance. Learn how RS helped Britain's oldest brewer, Shepherd Neame, save up to £60,000 on downtime.

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    Reducing downtime by 40 per cent

    Reducing downtime by 40%

    ''Condition monitoring can identify decreased performance or potential for failure," said Rob Webster, Head of Onsite Condition Monitoring at RS. Explore how we analyse the health and performance of a coffee manufacturer's assets to keep them moving.

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    Monitoring saves lost production

    Monitoring saves lost production

    RS helped a leading preserves manufacturer avoid a pickle by saving thousands of pounds through preventing the failure of a key component. We were able to save cost for the customer on urgent repair costs, new components and lost production.

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    Cutting costs by £50,000

    RS revolutionised a top confectionery manufacturer's indirect procurement with PurchasingManager™, reducing average order costs from £74 to £46. Their streamlined process inspires efficient, transparent purchase-to-pay transformations, erasing inefficiencies and costs. Learn from their accelerated success.

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    11,500 tons of CO² saved

    We helped an international food producer achieve carbon neutrality by adopting LED lighting and addressing air leaks. Regarding the LED lighting, Daniel Morton - RS National Account Manager, told us: “…the customer will also save time spent on replacements and maintenance.”

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    Safety Solutions Case Study

    Hygiene savings unlocked

    RS Safety Solutions helped a customer to save 50 per cent on its PPE. The team enabled the customer to realise cost-in-use benefits rather than focusing solely on product and price. James Nicholson, RS Safety Solutions’ National Account Manager, said: "The engagement we had with the customer means we can add value over and above the supply of products."

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    Industria Case Study

    Avoiding a sticky situation

    “RS Industria is helping us to drive efficiencies, reliability and cost savings through our business.” - Justin Jones, Engineering Reliability Manager. See how data extraction saves Histon Preserves £20,000 per hour in potential stoppage costs and how it has improved maintenance strategies.

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    RS Plus Case Study

    PPE and Wipes Costs Saved

    A leading snack manufacturer with multiple UK sites reached out to RS to deliver a robust and consistent supply of PPE. We saved the customer an amount worth £30,625 per year plus an additional £100,000 in paper and wipes.

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    Product & Solution Guides

    PRODUCT & SOLUTION GUIDE - Clean up with our hygiene range

    Clean up with our hygiene range

    Read insight into key standards and regulations which are designed to help ensure hygiene compliant processes.

    Learn about the ranges we offer that align with this guidance, and how they'll aid you in getting the job done. Hygienically!

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    PRODUCT & SOLUTION GUIDE - Prevent downtime with our products and solutions

    Prevent downtime with our products and solutions

    We know how costly downtime can be. Discover how our product ranges and maintenance solutions can help you keep your operations moving.

    Learn about the ranges we offer that align with this guidance, and how they'll aid you in getting the job done. Avoiding downtime is your priority- helping to achieve it, is ours.

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