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      • Published 09 Aug 2023
      • Last Modified 07 Nov 2023
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    What is the Best Multifunction Tester?

    Explore multifunction testers for a range of electrical measurements and safety tests. Consider key specifications and features to find the right tester for your requirements.

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    Reviewed by Stephen Bettles, Technical Support Engineer (October 2023)

    Multifunction testers (MFTs) are essential tools for electricians, allowing you to work effectively and efficiently. However, the choice can be overwhelming and it's key to make sure you buy the right tester for your specific needs.

    At RS, we thrive on supplying engineers across the world with quality, reliable equipment. Our in-depth guide will help you consider all the key features and find the best multifunction tester for your needs.

    BS7671 Testing Equipment

    BS7671 is the British standard used since 1992 for electrical installation and safety in domestic, commercial, and industrial properties. 7 tests are included in BS7671, but most installations only require 5. Selecting the ideal testing equipment depends on the type of work you perform.

    MFTs fall into three categories:

    • Domestic
    • Commercial - working at higher voltages with more extensive RCD testing
    • Industrial - additional testing capabilities for industrial applications e.g. medical equipment

    Electrical Safety Tester

    Electrical safety testers can perform a range of measurements including:

    • Insulation resistance
    • AC and DC dielectric strength
    • Grounding systems resistance
    • Outlet polarity
    • Earth continuity
    • Line leakage
    • RCD trip testing
    Voltage Tester

    Electrical Voltage Tester

    A simple electrical voltage tester measures AC/DC voltage and continuity. Small, lightweight, and inexpensive, voltage testers are an excellent option if you don’t need a wide variety of functions.

    How to Use a Multifunction Tester

    You should always know how to use the tester for the procedure you are performing. Check the manual to make sure you know the specifications of your device.

    The RS range of multifunction electrical testers is designed to handle life on the job. It features durable, accurate equipment that you can rely on day after day. We also stock essential accessories for your multifunction tester including mains test leads, adapters, and storage cases to ensure you’re equipped for every eventuality.

    How to Calibrate a Multifunction Tester

    Multi Function Calibrator

    Multifunction electrical testers need to be calibrated for accurate measurements. The calibration process involves testing the device against a known value to identify errors and make any necessary adjustments.

    Calibration is typically carried out by a specialist calibration laboratory using equipment traceable back to national standards.

    How Often to Calibrate a Multifunction Tester

    How often you need to calibrate your multifunction tester depends on your internal quality systems. Most people calibrate equipment at least once a year. 

    The RS calibration service offers UKAS-accredited calibration to national standards, giving you confidence in your measurements. Choose from a range of 6000 calibrated new products or have your existing equipment fine-tuned by our specialists. 

    At RS, we’re proud of our 80-year heritage of equipping engineers with the materials and instruments to make every job successful. Electrical measurement and testing are fundamental to installations, maintenance and safety, which is why we are passionate about providing you with the right tools for the job. With confidence in quality, durability and usability, you can focus on what you do best. Discover our complete range of electrical test and measurement equipment today.

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