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      • Published 27 Mar 2023
      • Last Modified 29 Aug 2023
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    Healthcare Solutions

    Explore electronic solutions for healthcare applications.

    Healthcare Solutions

    Whether you’re looking to build custom health monitoring device or researching the components needed for your next wearable design, explore healthcare solutions from our leading suppliers.

    Power your design and collect measurements with a variety of biometric, temperature and heart rate sensors. Build Bluetooth low-energy wearables with the development kit. Find voltage regulators, as well as current and inductive sensors from Microchip. Browse photo microsensors from Omron, pressure sensors from TE Connectivity, and a variety of pico-clasp connectors from Molex.

    RS is by your side. The Covid-19 crisis ramped up the demand for healthcare equipment. Ventilators, 3D printing and oximeters have proven to be essential needs during the pandemic and beyond. RS continues to work with our supplier network and has outlined key products to support customers in their production.

    RS continues to focus our investment in post-Covid-19 technological needs for disinfection and sterilisation with UV LED (ultraviolet) solutions. Furthermore, we continue to expand and develop our healthcare offerings, such as IR thermometers and temperature sensing technologies.

    Featured Healthcare Products Dev Kit Dev Kit (STEVAL-MKSBOX1V1) wireless multi-sensor development kit is ideal for building custom IoT and wearable sensor applications.

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