Screwdriver Bits & Bit Sets

Screwdriver Bits & Bit Sets provides the user with a mix of the most commonly used screwdriver bits, making them a desirable addition to your tool kit. Screwdriver Bits & Bit Sets typically consist of Phillips, Slotted, Pozidriv and Torx bits and a bit holder. How to they workScrewdriver Bits rely upon the physical strengths of the operator to deliver accurate force when turning a screw clockwise or anti clockwise via screwdriver handle. Corded/cordless drill drivers, Impact drivers and ratchet screwdrivers can also be use with the appropriate torque setting.What materials are they made fromScrewdriver Bits are typically made from steel and have a variety of different coatings such as Black Oxide, Titanium and Diamond. Types Impact -designed for use with impact drivers Bi Torsion - tempered to reduce the hardness of the shaft for greater durability General Purpose Uses Plumbers Electricians Mechanics Network Engineers DIY Around the home

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