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    Keysight Technologies Multimeter Accessories

    Find the perfect partner for your Keysight Technologies multimeter by choosing from our selection of multimeter accessories. Multimeters are handy bits of kit that can measure different electrical properties of a circuit or device and what's more, using them with the right accessory can make them even more powerful. Probes and test leads can do this by allowing you to test a wider variety of circuits and devices. If you'll be doing a lot of testing, having a cable to connect your multimeter to your computer can help by allowing you to store and view results more easily. Whether you're a burgeoning hobbyist or a qualified electrician, keeping your kit safe with an accessory pouch or case is a great idea, as it will prevent costly repairs from any damage.

    What types of accessories do you have?

    We have compatible Bluetooth adapters, cables, carry cases and pouches, current and voltage probe tips and sets, mounting brackets and straps, and test leads.

    How do I know if an accessory is compatible with my multimeter?

    Before you choose a multimeter accessory, it's a good idea to make a note of the model number of your Keysight Technologies multimeter. We have accessories for U1200, U1240, U1270, U1450A, and U1460A series multimeters. For complete peace of mind, refer to the datasheet for the accessory to check that it's compatible.

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